OfficeladyEthnic Food Solutions AB are based in the south of Sweden (Est. 2008). Here we work with logistics, economy and customer care. It's also here the innovations and development of new packaging products take place. During the last years we work more and more with solutions for the food and beverage industry supplying them with custom design products. Since we know that no one can be the best at everything we engage an external design agency that happens to reside just across the street. S&S Design Ltd.

We have our own factory in Taizhou, in the east of China, where most of our plastic products are made. This is also where we gather and store goods from all over China for shipment to Sweden and the rest of the world. 

The high quality machines and equipment we don't manufacture ourselves mostly comes from USA. We import and export some of the worlds best known brands.

We always look for the best taste and quality when taking on new products. For example, the mixed sweets are made here in Sweden by a little factory a few miles from our office. It's of absolute highest quality and contains no gelatin or AZO-colours, only natural ingredients... and it have the most delicious taste you have ever experienced.